Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 15

Author Note:

Chapter 1 to 14 have been corrected.
The heroes age is 16 years old → 19 years old, a little bit older.
(The flow has not changed, so you don’t have to reread it! Maybe!)


Chapter 15 – Vanguard Who Can’t Attack

I returned to the inn from the adventurer’s guild, but it’s still early for breakfast. I go back to my room, if i lie down now, i will have a deep sleep course until night, so, let’s check my status for now.

I’m level 2 already but there is no chance to check it until now.

「Now, Let’s see~ 【Status Open】」


Name: Hiroki Sakurai
Level: 2
Occupation: Priest
Attack: 1
Magic power: 1
Recovery: 100
Defensive: 1
Accuracy: 1
Evasion: 51
Skills: [Language Acquisition]・[Heal]・[Regeneration]・[Shield]

Status Point: 1

Ah, I see. I see, i see. I see.

The level has changed from 1 to 2, and only 1 status point has been granted. Certainly, this won’t be a good thing if you fill it to unnecessary status.
A status value of 50 is said to be strong. It would be painful if the status value went up only 1 for a long time like this … Well, all this has to be confirmed by raising the level

「Let’s put it to evasion」

Evasion is now 52.

To be honest, I can’t help thinking that something will change now. As the level goes up a little more, maybe i will see the change. That may can avoid 50 slimes.


◆ ◆ ◆


After breakfast, I came to a stone dungeon with Dia and Tina. By the way, Freutz is still drunk, so we didn’t bring him with us.
The 10th floor here is very good place for collecting herbs. I Just went here yesterday.

I wanted to get a skill acquisition book from the treasure chest in the boss room, but unfortunately there was no treasure chest. Maybe there is a cycle for a new treasure chest to appear.

「Yosh, I’ll do my best!」
「Wait Dia! Don’t go too fast, we are not with Freutz at the moment」

Dia is too excited and walked too fast in the front. A little away, Tina and I follow after him.

Since i walked while checking the map that i drew at the note, I’ll not get lost. That’s why I let Dia move freely, But I couldn’t leave Tina alone, because it would be dangerous.


When I checked the way that Dia passed, I discovered that this was the shortest way to get to the next floor. But there are quite a lot of slime, and I think, it seems we still lack firepower if only with the three of us.

However, on the next floor there was a mouse monster, when I was solo it was easy to pass, so we might still be able to pass it. Their number is also not too much.

「You two, 【Shield】」
「! Thank you, Hiroki-san」
「Thank you!」

With my support, Dia become more excited.

It seemed he knew the route on the first floor, and was able to reach the second floor relatively quickly while defeating the slime.

「Hmm!? Dia! As expected, the second floor might be tougher」
「It’s okay, because Hiroki is with us!」
「Eh, That’s too much, I don’t have attack power you know!?」
「I know that, if you support me, I’ll be able to do it」

You’ll be able huh!?

While murmuring that, i agree with Dia’s strategy.

Tina is still anxious, but if a mouse monster comes in, I’ll do something if we got attacked.

Entering down the stairs, we took a short break.

This is a safe zone where monsters cannot enter, so there are many parties who are resting and discussing their strategies here.

Tina took out a water bottle and drank it.

「Hmm? What is it, Hiroki?」
「Since you are the vanguard, you will be in front right? but, monsters might also attack from behind」

In the slime cave, the formation is broken because Dia also attacks monsters that coming from behind. If he did that, Tina who was in the middle position would be in danger.

Therefore, I tell Dia with the meaning to confirm that 「Never leave the monster you charge of」.

「Dia, first concentrate on the monster that is attacking you. The monster that comes out from behind is my responsibility, so I’ll hold it myself.」
「…..All right」
「Yosh, just concentrate on the order of monsters that attacked Tina first, you, and then me」

Make sure you prioritize strategic before you start hunting. In this way, you will be able to cope with multiple monsters without panicking.

Once decided, we only need to practice it.

「Okay, I’ll do my best. The monster on the 2nd floor is a rat, because fire is its weak point, it might be easier to defeat it than slime」
「I see」

Listening to what Dia said, I whispered.

Tina’s special magic skill is fire. I do think that she was good with it because she always used it, but it seems that way.

After going down the stairs and walking to the 2nd floor, a mouse monster suddenly jumps towards Dia, showing its sharp fangs.

「Um, uh…..【Fire】」

Dia was almost hit by the momentum from the mouse attack, but I immediately supported him with skills. Also don’t forget to use Regen to recovers continuosly so it’s not a problem if hit by a few attacks.

I also repeated using Shield to maximize the 5 stack shield, Re-shield to Tina, and put it to Dia too.

We were able to defeat the mouse because of 2 skills from Tina.

《Piron ♪ Level up! 》

The level has gone up.

I quickly checked it to confirm that the status points had increased by one. I raised evasion and it become 53 point now.


When there were 3 rats gathered, Dia seemed to suffer a little. Even though he attacks with the sword, the rats are small and clever, so Dia gets a little hard to defeat it.

Can only rely on magic from Tina as a firepower for now.

「Nice!! My level is up」

We defeated all the rats and take a breath.

When I looked around when I settled down, there were several other adventurers hunting because it is now daytime.

「There are many parties also hunt on this floor」
「Ah, these rats aren’t that strong, and they are relatively easy to defeat if there is Magician in your party」
「Is that so…」

Of course, it was really easy when we defeated it twice using Tina’s magic. That was indeed an easy way to defeat it. Also not a way that is unsatisfactory and not bad either.

I picked up a light green herb while watching the battle. This is money, so I must picked it up.

Then one rat came from behind and attacked me.


「Hiroki, it’s strange」

Miss miss!

Dia sighed as he sees me avoiding the rat.

「Etto, Aren’t you scared?」

This time Tina looked at me slowly.

「I was surprised at first, but I got used to it.」

When she laughed, Tina says, 「It’s amazing」, she’s working hard as a Magician, but however the monster is looks scary, while shrugging.

Well, Tina is a young girl. From my point of view, it’s already amazing that she is come and hunt in a dungeon.

「After all, doesn’t that mean you can’t get attacked even if you walk in front?」
「Yeah, you can’t get attacked, isn’t it great?」
「Eh … can i be a vanguard?」
「But, it’s still dangerous Hiroki …. Go back」

Dia says that and sees the rat.

Tina is the same, and i want them to defeat it quickly.

「Well, can I defeat it?」
「No, it’s okay! Rather, defeat it quickly !?」

Did Tina think of the rat as my pet or something?

「Leave it to me!」

Tina weakened the rat, and Dia finished it with a sword.

Compared to the time at the slime cave, we can cooperate well now.

And then, I was surpised to hear a man yelling from behind.

「Oi you, Lusha!! come on, quickly!」
「Ah, yes」

They scolding the women who walk behind. She walked with a bow weapon and for some reason also carried a large luggage with her.
When I saw them, I tilted my head and immediately remembered it.

「Ah yeah, that party…..」
「Hmm? Are you the Healer who spoke with us at that time in the guild?」

As I murmured that, the leader man who passed by looked back.

「You’ve found a party? That’s good」
「We are going to the lower floors, I hope you can work hard and go to lower floors soon too.」

They told me so and went ahead happily.
If I’m solo, going to lower floors is not a mere dream for me.

「It was a good party …」
「We need to go to the lower floors too as soon as possible」
「Let’s do our best! But why did that Archer carry the luggage?」

Tina says it’s terrible to push a load on one person.

「Isn’t it the order?」
「I wonder … if that’s so, it’s a pity」

Dia says lightly, but Tina leans her head.

「If it’s me, I wouldn’t like to just hold the luggage.」

I would like to walk forward to be a vanguard and she would like to fight with a bow.

However, if you hunt for a long time in the lower floor, you will need to bring some luggage. Is there a system like item inventory in this different world? A magical tool that can contain as many items as you like.

If so, I want to get it someday.




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